I was recently pretty ashamed and overwhelemed when my 6 year old nephew brought out his LEGO blocks, and my expectation of primary coloured, simple blocks were dashed by thousand of tiny detailed pieces, colours that probably had not even been invented when i was a kid, and characters with personality, were laid out in front of me. Kids these days are so spoilt!

Lets be real, Lego has seriously changed. And in an uber cool way!

And had this progression and revolution not taken place on all our favourite building toy, this beauty of an art piece would never have been able to be created.

HOW gorg?!

A New York based Motions Graphics artist, JR Schmidt, using LEGO bricks in a 3D illustration has produced this stunning topographical model of New York City.

The sculpture also represents satellite imagery from Google Maps

I am so in love with this – the technique, the information and data, the visual articulation and of course the colour!

Now, how about we get started on one such model of our amazing Joburg??

I’m in!

sc *


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