POWER to the Nappers!

I’m SO for [power] naps

I’m SO for [power] naps at the office

I’m SO for [power] naps in this capsule !


Power naps are an art – an acquired skill that can be a valuable asset in today’s frantic lifestyle.

As an architect, power naps are pretty much all you are going to get. Stable 8hr sleeps are a luxury that we can’t seem to afford.

So, you could only imagine the commitment that i ave suddenly found to bring this Marie-Virginie Berbet designed CalmSpace power nap capsule into my world – i mean, could you really imagine??

You enter through an acoustic curtain and lie on a fabric upholstered mattress. You choose the duration of your nap and appropriate light and acoustic settings to help you fall asleep and wake up smoothly.

Studies have proven that some of the benefits of mid-day naps include improved cognitive abilities (e.g., alertness, memory, learning, and creativity), improved mood, stress prevention, better nightly sleep, and can even lower the likelihood of heart disease.

Relaxtaion and revitalization are essential for productivity, and while many companies are incorporating rest lounges and cafetria-type spaces into their offices, an idea like CalmSpace is really what we actually need – right?

[power] point .

sc *


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