Tiny Treasures

In a city as cosmopolitan as Joburg, it is so exciting to see these niche, creative spaces which bring together food, art, design and lifestyle, popping up everywhere in the city.

Warm and Glad is definately the most trending such space, and well deservedly so as well – the food is amazing, the space inspiring and beautiful and the vibe, perfect!

On a recent visit to 44 Stanley in Milpark, one of the ‘oldie but goodie’ (as my bestie’s phrase best describes) spaces of such collaboration, I stumbled upon a coffee roastery that I had not previously visited in the development.

Bean There is absolutely gorgeous, and if you are a coffee lover like I am, you are going to find this one irresistible!

The coffee is sourced from around Africa, and ground and blended in the store. The combination of great food and coffee with perfectly designed spaces, makes this space truly delectable.

The customers were visibly relaxed and inspired, socialising, working and definately sipping!

My favourite space was the dining area which accommodates larger groups. An organic designed dining table is perfectly positioned in a double volume space with incredible light filtering through the space.

It’s these little treasures in a city with an insane heartbeat, that makes Johannesburg so wonderfully eclectic and charming. Love it!

For the coffee lovers, be prepared to find your addiction taken to a whole other level!

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