Lego Architecture

They say that no idea is an original one, and that creativity can be sourced from anywhere – something that you may have seen, felt or touched.

Lego was a HUGE influence in so many of our lives, and more often than not, the creative starting platform for most designers.

These projects have taken their childhood fascination with, and exploration of Lego blocks and translated into contemporary, real projects that are not only delicious, but also innovative and inspiring.

They all form testament to the constant flow of inspiration around us, and the fact that while Form Follows Function, that form can take any shape (or colour) that you like!

You can definitely say that ‘Lego Architecture’ has become something of a trend these days, especially with Lego having celebrated their 80th birthday this year.

This Chelsea loft project however, is most definitely my favourite use of the toy bricks. The 20000 blocks have been used innovatively and tastefully to create an artwork against a minimal palette backdrop.
Live, work, play, remember?

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