Find your Inner Porsche – [The Hybrids]

Do you know how difficult it is to schedule appointments with almost all the cool people you know in just one week? Do you realise the enormous amount of reluctance to go shopping during winter?_ Thought so.

Which is why, I had to get all my outstanding STYLE STARS to the Porsche Design Boutique in consecutive sprees/shoots to bring you this uber-style-packed post on the most hybrid, cool kids that I knowJ
Each of today’s STYLE STARS are incredibly special_ The type you may just never meet, and when you do, you can’t catch your breathe for a long time after; and this is no bias opinion I assure you.
They have variety, they each have their own unique and bespoke charms, they are all incredibly talented at what they do, and most exciting of it all – they are all multi-faceted hybrids that pretty much can hold down any room with the tip of their fingernails. Don’t believe me? Let me help you see for yourself.
Drum roll please _


Most importantly for me, through the introduction of my STYLE STARS was that you are initiated into the Porsche Design brand from very different angles and design perspectives. These people each have an appreciation for design as a puristic endeavour, which was also important in order for them to truly appreciate the quintessence of Porsche Design.

1. The Photographers_

The Porsche Design boutique in Hyde Park became a family affair when the Custodios popped in for their visit. Even 6 year old Luca started exploring the many corners of the fabulous, intoxicating store.
Both Amanda, and Rodolfo are refreshingly fashion-forward. They piece together outfits that are elegant and sophisticated, as well as bespoke, and uniquely interesting.
Their photography is a beautiful art that allows them to appreciate, and capture the most incredible snippets of detail.
I spent the most time in the store with the Custodios because they were genuinely besotten; and what started as me photographing them, turned into a full on shoot with every detail of the store’s interior, products, design, and even staff, being captured. What an inspiring session!
I was even more excited when I found out that they were Porsche Design customers already, having purchased the super sexy external hard drive some 5 years ago! (Told you they were fashion-forward!)


So, after many shots, much lying on the floor to capture the right angle, loads of fun, interaction with products, and serious purchase considerations, these are the products they settled their creative hearts on:
Amanda confesses to a bursting closet, but stands steadfastly to the belief that no girl can ever have enough. She could not resist the P1901 jeans which she modelled around the store for at least 15 minutes, hoping Rodolfo would get the hint;) She loved the fit and length and that it made her feel slim! (Girls hey)
The chiffon scarf with its strong graphic detail, and leather briefcase did not go unnoticed by this fashionista either, who was super impressed with the ‘Functionality, Fabric, Fit and Femininity’ of the products.


Rodolfo was just as eager with his choices. The Raw Tec Blazer, Golf Glove, and Breeze P5210 Sailing Shoes were top of his list.
The Blazer is an undisputed heart racer. Michael Griffin wore a black one at the bespoke cocktail party that the finalists of this competition attended, and its versatility caught my eye immediately. The texture and lightness of the fabric of this blazer is unbelievable!
I have been trying to master golf for a while now, and if there’s one thing I do know about it (besides that it’s my weak point) is that, a good golf glove is essential. For Rodolfo, it is another quality item to accessorise one of his many hobbies with.
The Breeze P5210 Sailing Shoes are yet another superbly functional piece in this range of waterproof, durable, sport collection.


The negotiation was easy – Sailing shoes as a Father’s Day gift, and Amanda gets the jeans for her birthday! How amicable 😉

At some point of every person’s childhood, there were big dreams and aspirations of becoming a ‘lawyer’ or a ‘doctor’. It was just one of those things that smart kids should pursue right?
Well, meet the two Style Stars that took the dreams and made it a reality:

2. The Attorney_

There are many things that you may not necessarily equate to an attorney, that Nadia
takes full ownership of.
She’s a force in the court of law, a feminine presence of power in a crowded room of men; she’s fierce, and equally empathetic and generous; and she is definitely the person you need to speak to if you need an update on what’s trending and hot. So on point!
Her style is difficult to explain. She is great at mixing up looks, but manages to always maintain a sense of royalty about her. It’s truly amazing.

3. The Plastic Surgeon_

Dr Ridwaan Mia is a hero – true story. He may have been the hands behind Baby Pippie’s second chance at life, but he will sincerely make you believe that what you are doing with your life is still incredibly interesting to him. So, you save lives, and I draw doors? … – (awkward). His style is simple and understated – perfectly suited to the humble and endearing person that he is.


Although Nadia confesses to sunglasses being her frequent splurge subject lucky girl is just one of those ‘sunglass face’ kinda people), she chose the Leather Jacket for its superior quality leather and outstanding craftsmanship.
With the amount of interviews, press conferences, and of course, prescriptions that Ridwaan has to get through, the Weave Pen was a solid choice to ink his million dollar signature. Without having read any of my previous posts, he brought big smiles to me when he justified his decision based on the ‘exceptional marriage of form and function’.


My final two STYLE STARS spend 9 hours of their days being very responsible, focused Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors as their altar egos; but as soon as they step out of their formal shoes, they are definitely best described as full time dreamers and searchers. It is all about travelling, culture, peace, love, and hombres for them.
They strike the best balance between technical and creative that I have come across, which is why their Porsche Design experience was the most varied and unpredictable.


4. The Project Manager_

I believe that Zubair excels at his Project Management because of his slight perfectionist nature – or is it more ‘pottering’ – I am yet to decide; but his eyes darted across the store from one item to the next – intrigued, excited, and energetic.
It was bags, and clothing, then notebooks and watches; shoes and perfume; then knives and bowls. I could see his disappointment when he realised that he couldn’t have everything in the store.
I think it was his extreme fascination with culture and its dynamics in a contemporary world, that finally drew him to the Hookah/Hubbly/Sheesha pipe.
The sculptured design, mechanical detailing, and clean finish of the pipe is pretty fantastic. It shows the Porsche Design brand’s global extension and appeal to traditions of all sorts.
Touching, feeling, analysing, Zubair was really close to digging into his savings for the pipe, and especially more so when he explained his appreciation for the design – ‘I love its seamlessness. It feels like a sculpture, an ornament even, that could drive a presence in your home with no support. The tectonics are amazing. I love the subtle weaving that accentuates the entire design. It’s pretty smart that Porsche Design based this weaving on the concept of the piping of the 911 car’.
I could not have possibly said it better!


He also fuelled his sneaker obsession with the Aspin ML 12 high tops sneaker, which provides a good flexibility between casual and formal, and definitely puts your best foot forward with its exceptional comfort.


5. The Quantity Surveyor_

Zaheer confesses to not being much of a shopper, and therefore his selection of product was quick, directed, and true to his passionate addiction to timepieces.
The Diver watch has a sapphire crystal lens, which makes it scratch free. Its sleek design is (as always with Porsche Design) ergonomic, with just the right amount of accentuation to not make it ostentatious.


I don’t think that I could have gone through all the products in the Porsche Design boutique in any better way than through these wonderful STYLE STARS of mine.
Thank you to each one of them, for bringing the beauty and purism of Porsche Design to life.
Long read, but the destination is worth it, right? 😉



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