Find your Inner Porsche – [The Architects]

If, for me, the success of the design of the entire Porsche Design collection lies in its attention to detail, and its resounding concept of FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION, then the best way to bring you the essence of some of their best products would be to examine it just that way – by exploring the way it appeals and functions in the lives of some interesting people.
I’ve assembled a team of some amazing life-lovers that I am blessed enough to know; each from a different walk of life, each with their own individualism, opinions, and stylistic expressions.
I believe that design is a very personal and experiential adventure, and with that, comes the functionality of a piece and the change that it brings to your life. And THAT is where the success of any piece truly lies.

Whilst chatting to Michael Griffin, the phenomenal man behind Porsche Design South Africa, he mentioned that architects were their biggest customers.
As an architect myself, I had a slight glamour moment, appreciating the training that architecture brings with a ‘third eye’ perspective.
We are a weird crowd us architects. We believe we can do best at anything. We complicate most scenarios unnecessarily. We are overworked, underpaid, and somewhat, over-glorified. But, we do know a thing or two about great design and detailing.

So, let me introduce you to my first group of [STYLE STARS] :– a group of quirky, highly opinionated, slightly broke (fear not, Porsche Design accepts lay-byes) architects:


Carlo would most certainly love if I introduced him as an Italian Stallion, so here’s stroking his ego to maintain a healthy working environment;) His Italia-design flair is something that subtly comes through in his creative work, food addictions and appreciation for art.
He will probably best, and most accurately be remembered and immortalised by his infamous, over used, and usually, inaccurate knowledge of ‘Chicks dig that’.

He describes his design philosophy and indulgent soft spots as products that are ‘highly sophisticated in sleekness, simplistic, and most importantly, timeless ‘_
No surprise then, when he chose the Blouson Roadster leather jacket and the Indicator watch as his heart stopping wish list products.
The leather jacket really is super sexy. In true Porsche style, Carlo picked up on, and appreciated the _FINE CRAFTMANSHIP AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL_ with elements like the ventilation patch and bold graphic lining. Form follows function beautifully with intricacies like the extra stroke of texture at high pressure or friction points of the elbows.


His second swoon subject was the Indicator watch. I had a good feeling on this one, because we’ve already been introduced to Carlo’s talent at knowing what “chicks dig”, and which girl doesn’t define a man by his watch, right?
Matt black straps, bold, yet elegant dials, consciously designed clasp and, the (at the risk of exposing my geeky side) very cool, exposed mechanics, made this watch a good sound choice.


For a very long time after meeting Glynn, I was too scared to talk to him. A coy murmur of a greeting was all I could muster. See, Glynn has this intimidating, ‘class monitor’ look about him. He’s all butch and beer on the outside, but as I discovered, when I dared to strike more conversation with him, is a real Bar One kinda guy that rivals Jamie Oliver in the kitchen, charms the ladies, roughs it up on the sports field, and then stands solidly in support of his friends.
Glynn believes that functionality, durability and minimalism are critical links in the design chain of any product. He pulls his assertive, almost bullying card out when he closes the discussion with ‘Shaakira, just no over kill ok!’

His choices were the P5000 range of bags including the Wat Dry wallet, Water Stormpack and Wat Cargo bag; all fully waterproof pieces that would be perfectly suited to his active, travelling lifestyle.


Of course, the chef in him also could not resist the gorgeous knives, which he described as ‘ergonomic, light, and sexy’. You go Jamie;)


Michael is my daily entertainment. An astounding sense of humour, King of animating any scene, and a fanatical, sometimes astoundingly so, pass time food addict. He underplays his extremely talented design sense, but has produced work that is daring, explorative and unique. He is also the biggest geek of these three guys, but in a cool, techno-savvy kinda way.
He describes his design sense as appreciative of something that is ‘not outwardly flashy, but with the right detailing, the right person will appreciate’
I predicted his choice of product before we even arrived at the store, so when his eyes and heart embraced the Pan Desk Lamp, I silently high fived myself for, not only interpreting his style well, but also having the same design affinity as someone as talented as him.
The lamp is most certainly one of the winning and predictable items in the store that an architect would be drawn to. The _mechanics and sleekness coupled with extreme functionality_, make it flawless. It’s sleek, it’s stylish, and as Michael confesses rather bravely, it will definately make you popular with your friends!


Go and have a look at the items that my archi-bests chose and see what inner Porsche YOU have.

Come on, let’s be [STYLE STARS] together;)



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