Loco about LOT-EK

ImageI remember the first 3 years of my architecture studies as being slightly short of traumatic.

It was overwhelming for someone who, until two weeks before university started, had concrete ambitions to become an attorney.

My search for ‘something creative’ was quickly dissolved by the unusual, impossible work load that is expected of an architecture student. I felt lost in a world that I really didn’t understand well enough.

I remember my ‘heart eyes’ moment at a student congress which took place at the University of Witwatersrand when the dynamic guest speakers LOT-EK were introduced. Fragmented English, exhaustion on my side, and a general end of day feelings around the room, were all energetically squashed by the dashing duo, Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano.

It was bright, colourful, sustainable, creative, unique, brave, and hugely inspiring for someone that was struggling to find their place in the architectural world.


Lot-ek exploits raw materials, and in particular shipping containers, to produce architecture that is award winning. Their ideas of adaptive reuse captured my attention immediately, and I remember it, throughout the 6 years of my architectural education, and today still, as a studio that always comes to mind and motivates for an architecture of the future.


I think it is commendable that Lot-ek created a signature architecture and stuck with it, without trying to dip dab in everything that may be ‘trending’, and consequently mastering a certain type of construction and technology.


whatta LOT oflove!


(images taken off http://www.lot-ek.com)




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