Por – (sha)

I introduced you all to the Porsche Design competition that I was a finalist of two weeks ago.

The competition is now over and I am super proud and amped to have been announced the winner!

Which means, I can finally reveal the posts that ran through the competition to my soca readers.


Introducing, the Porsche Design brand ….


Porsche_ that’s Por-sha, and not Porsh.

Oh yes, it does matter.

It matters for the sake of origin(ality);
It matters for the sake of detail,
It matters for purism;

All integral ingredients to what is the brand’s bespoke brilliance.

I have always been a Porsche kinda girl. For me, the car, has always represented and eluded to a sense of success and sophistication. It was an aspiration.
My Favourite? – totes the 911!
As I developed and matured as a designer, I was able to appreciate the finer details of the design that made it such a desire.

I had scoped out and swooned over the Porsche Design collection long before this competition began, but once submerged in it, I did further research.
My ultimate discovery? Good ol’ Ferdinand Porsche who designed the 911, started the booming design house that is Porsche Design.
That was it. I had found my design soul mate – the Porsche Design brand speaks of its design philosophies and concepts in a manner that flutters my heart. It’s all about purism, elegance, sophistication, but MOST wonderfully for me, intricate attention detail.
It’s savvy, and sexy, and techno-super-smart. It’s everything that makes me fall in love with a product.

 We were lucky enough as finalists of this competition to have met the brainchild behind Porshe Design South Africa, Michael Griffen, who pretty much sealed the deal for me.
His passion and belief in his product is difficult to resist. Absorbing all his energy and enthusiasm and coupled with what I saw in front of me has made me realize one thing- I don’t need to ‘sell’ Porsche Design to any of you. I don’t need to convince you of its creativity and success. Because you WILL understand if you just experience it.
You gotta (posh) up and head it into the Hyde Park boutique, and allow yourself to be weakened at your knees. I’m certain you will get it. Yeah, you may not be able to afford anything more than an (incredibly sexy) hard drive, but, I’ve decided that my new benchmark success product will be the Porsche lamp, because it’s not about ostentisity or branding, it’s about beautiful, functional design, and you will understand what I mean if you just interact with the collection.

Now, will you venture out and allow yourself to dream? Go on, I dare you 🙂


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