Touch Tlale




David Tlale is one of those designers that just dishes out all servings of wow and delicious. Which other South African designer closes Joburg Fashion Week with a collection spread over Nelson Mandela bridge or creates an experiential fashion show that you can touch and feel as he did at Bromwell Boutique Hotel in Cape Town?
We are all very familiar with the dramatic, extravagant and high level couture that is David Tlale, which makes this latest collaboration with Legit stores so incredibly alluring for me.

From 23 April 2012, 41 pieces from the King himself will be available at selected Legit stores as part of the Van Der Tlale collection – I could die!

There is nothing more encouraging and delightful to me than designers who indulge in such collaborations to create access to more abstract and high level fashion art. We have seen this trend internationally, most notably from H&M with their teaming with big fashion houses like Versace, Marni, Mary Katrantzou, Dolce and Gabbana, to name a few. Legit joins Mr Price in dabbing in this very valuable project, and prove in yet another way that the South African fashion industry is not only here to keep up, but surpass expectations.

While I have every confidence that The Van Der Tlale range is going to be epic, I will keep dreaming of collections and shoots like this Marni one finding their way to our shores, and my wardrobe!

Dont get stampeded now! Go get em – Proudly South African!








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